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Richard Green is a director and the head developer of The Media Engine design agency, but was formerly the Head of Studio at MousePower Studios. He has over 12 years experience within the new media industry and has been responsible for designing and developing a wide variety of

digital solutions for clients such as the BBC, CWC, Telewest, MicroTouch, Motorola, Chase de Vere, The National Trust, The Woodland Trust, Kodak, Allied Dunbar, @Bristol, Halifax, The Environment Agency, NESTA and NatWest

Brief for Session

  • An introduction to HCi (human computer interface) and its application in engineering interface usability.
  • An overview of nformation architecture, the foundation of usability.
  • The relation between design, usability and accessibility.
  • The principles of graphic design.
  • An overview of usability inspection methods and heuristic evaluation.
  • A step by step analysis of a selection of real world main stream websites, applying the usability guidelines as outlined by the Neilsen Norman Group, and other HCi recommendations.